May 19, 2003
Last night saw a great turnout - 14!!! A few new faces (Sean and John), the cast of usual suspects and even a rare appearance by a fiery little veteran Rocket Sauce member by the name of Leesa. 'Tis a rare and spectacular sight when she graces us with her presence. While I did not witness it personally rumor has she even laid out for the disk. Clearly she has benefited from some off the field practice sessions with some wise sage of Ultimate (me). :-)

It is rare that we can actually field a full team on each side, although our average turnout for games has been consistently high so far this year. The games were close with both sides making their share of turn-overs and good plays. All in all though play was taken up another notch - which is good to see. Some of the newer members of Rocket Sauce clearly demonstrated their confidence in their throws and catching last night. Good running by all. Although I do feel that in fairness to everyone on the field we are going to have to tie some cinder blocks to Sam.

The play of the evening does have to go to Sam. White moved the disk to the end zone and sent up a floater. A member of the dark team, John I think, smacked the disc away from the white receiver to have it bounce off the chest of yours truly only to have Sam do his best "sack of potatoes" lay-out to grab the disc before it hit the ground for the score. Good job Sam!! Clearly we are going to have to tie one of his hands behind is back in addition to the cinder blocks.

Then there is the last game of the evening. It was 5 on 5 and initially it appeared that the team make-up may be a little lopsided. Well, lopsided was right however in the completely opposite direction than anyone first thought. The dark team, fielding mostly new members of Rocket Sauce, demonstrated almost flawless play and opened up a can of whoop-ass on the seasoned veterans of the white team. It wasn't pretty.

Clearly some of us, me, are going to have to start working out between our sessions to keep pace with Sam. Great games, great turnout. Keep it up. ~ Jerry 'Fabian' Anderson
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