April 12, 2004
Week #2

A huge turnout this week! People have really come out of the woodwork for the 'sauce this season. We had a whopping 17 people that showed up at this week's game and we had a lot of subbing' going on. It was all good. Not a bad thing at all this early stage of the season.
We decided to switch to the back field as there are less 'ankle-snappin' holes on that turf. It appears that we have a few players like Jim and Brian that haven't played in a few years due to injury and 'what-not', but still have their collective mojos workin'.
A new player, Kathy has brought a few of the 'sauce's newest beginner-females. This is cool as we can always use a few good ladies on the field.

Unfortunately Levron (name changed to protect the innocent) once again didn't make it to the game. Rumor has it his mom made him stay home to pick up his Pokémon cards and clean his retainer. We hear is new paper route and shoe-box mobile project may keep him out of the next few weeks. Too bad. We needed someone to pick up the towels after the game.
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