July 12, 2004
Today was the last game for Ian before he packs his bags and heads eastward to North Carolina. It was a fun game... hammers thrown all over the place to honor the man.
Fabian pretty much summed it up in this sappy email to the group:
A sad day is upon us. The founding father of Rocket Sauce Ultimate Frisbee Club, Ian "Punkass" Arcuri, is picking up stakes and moving to North Carolina.
When Ian sent out the email back in '99 to everyone at Object Automation asking who wanted to play Ultimate I thought this sounds cool. I can remember that first day of playing Ultimate in Santa Ana like it was yesterday. The wheezing and shortness of breath, the aches and pains in my sides and chest, the bad throws and worse catches. And that after only 10 minutes. And who can forget not being able to walk right for the next 3 days. Thank you Ian, because of you I've had more injuries in 4 years of playing Ultimate than I did the entire 6 years in the Marines.  Seriously though. Ultimate has had a profound impact on my life and it was all because of Ian's email. Thanks.
A large number of us have Ian to thank for bringing Ultimate (and new friends) into our lives. Let's see a good turnout for Ian's last day with the Sauce. 

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