November 14, 2004
We finally got the chance to hook up with the Fullerton Crew today to throw the disc around on their turf. Rocket Sauce representation was a little low in the beginning, so we just mixed up teams and played for a while. Eventually more people showed up to give us 7, so we started a friendly little scrimmage of Rocket Sauce vs Fullerton. We started off strong, but lost momentum once the score was 3 to 3. It was down hill from there as they showed us a true ass whoopin'. I'm not one to give excuses, so I'll just leave it at that.

The game itself was pretty competitive. There was at lease one semi-heated argument about whether or not stepping on the line was considered in bounds or out of bounds. In a normal Rocket Sauce game, we'd say "well, it's close enough... just take the point." Especially when you're using imaginary lines and no cameras to give you the instant replay. But one guy insisted that we stepped on the imaginary line, so we were out of bounds. Adam insisted that the line was in bounds and it got a little uncomfortable. They gave us the point... which didn't matter in the end, which is exactly why I prefer to let things like that slide.

A big group of guys had to take off, so we mixed the teams again and played to 5. Overall, it was a great day. The weather was perfect and more importantly, Augie supplied beer for those that stayed to chat a little longer.

Big "Thanks" to Augie for getting the two groups together.
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