May 02, 2005
Eighteen people showed up tonight, the most in a long time. That gave us two subs for each side. The funny part was when someone from the line ran in after a point yelling "Last Back!" ... and nobody was running. In fact, most of us were pretty excited to take a little break for a point or two. We're so out-of-shape, it ain't even funny.

Two guys visiting from Japan, Eric and Hiroshi, joined in. They used to play with the UCI group a while back, so it bumped up the level of effort just a tad. Everyone thought Eric was from Kenya because he was running circles around us. Clayton, another UCI guy, was surprising everyone with his bursts of energy, blocking a pass at one line, then immediately scoring at the other end.

Wise cracks were flying left and right as usual. Calvin overthrew to Mark then yelled something like "Oh, I thought you were actually going to sprint!" Then, after I got schooled by Eric, Mark mentions "He obviously didn't get married and have children." Ouch... Then there was Jerry Anderson, who got blamed for everyone else's bad throws, as usual.

A highlight definitely worth mentioning was when Julie faked Ken out of his shoes to score one of her many points. However, Ken retaliated with some of his dead-on, laser beam, long distance forehand throws. Brian continued to quietly sneak in and block a ton of passes. And Anthony made his usual outstanding ESPN-style endzone catches. But, the play-of-the-day has to go to Nandi for his elegant two-handed layout sliding catch. It was beautiful. In fact, he even got these weird paper cuts between his fingers from the blades of grass. Good times.
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