May 23, 2005
Jerry, Jerry, Jerry... oh man... Jerry A was in full effect tonight.

This one was so weird, I don't even know how to explain it, so try to follow along.

The Darks messed up their first pass from the 0 yard-line and dropped it in the endzone, somewhere around -3 yards (this is probably the best way to explain this.) Dan from the Whites picks up the disc and walks to the 0 yard-line, which is the White's 100 yard-line, appropriately. Nobody was really moving, so he dumped it back to the 95 yard-line to NewGuy Sean.

This "momentum" must've gotten Jerry all worked up, so he started running ... the wrong way. NewGuy Sean passed it to Jerry, at which time everyone else paused and thought... "hey, aren't... they... going the wrong... way?"

Jerry and NewGuy Sean proceeded to pass it back and forth all the way down to the wrong endzone as the Whites screamed "Wrong way, wrong way" and the Darks yelled "Go, go, go!" Everyone was rolling.

Then... oh yes, there's more. After 4 or so games of domination of the Darks, we were on our final game and finally, the Whites were ahead 3 to 1. They scored one more point and... let's add that up... 3 + 1 = 4, Jerry insisted "That's game!"

A few people start to walk off when everyone realized that it wasn't over yet. That just got the Darks worked up again for an incredible come back as they won it 6 to 4.

It was classic Jerry. At the end, he even nicknamed himself... Wrong-Way Jerry. I love it!

Anthony didn't show up this week for Jules to pick on, so her new target was Augie. Who's next on the list? I sure hope it's not me. Only time will tell.
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