July 19, 2004
We had a great turn out tonight. Full 7 on 7 with 2-3 subs, which is very nice. A couple of new players showed: Jim brought his 12 year old son, Brin, who's got super star written all over him. And Josh brought his highschool buddy, Ceasar, who just dominated with his height. (We need more short guys like the Fix bros and Josh :-)
The biggest surprise of the evening was the triumphant return of the Fresh Prince, otherwise known as "The Locomotive" or "The Out of Control Cam Shaft" because of his unwieldy and unstoppable speed once he gets going. He's back from Texas and ready to kick some ass.
The play of the game goes to Joe for the no-look-stick-your-arm-in-the-air-block to save a game winning point. Nice going Joe! 

Still no sign of Levron (name changed to protect the innocent).

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