August 16, 2004
Like usual, the turnout numbers are starting to dwindle a little. We had 6 on 6 for most of the night, with one sub. Then 7 on 7 for the final game. Still good numbers, but not like what we've had this whole summer.

The play of the game goes to the Fix brothers. Both had incredible catches, and both involved me somehow. The first was a pass from me to David cutting across the middle. I had the sun in my eyes so I couldn't tell if he was looking at me. Apparently he wasn't, but luckily he saw it coming at him from the corner of his eye and somehow managed to swoop it down with one hand right into his leg to hold onto it.

On the second one, I was guarding Ryan. A nice pass came sailing through the middle as we were both running for it. I barely got to it, but managed to swat the edge of it straight down. I'm like, "yeah, blocked that one!" I turn back around and there he is with the disc in his hand. I couldn't believe it, I thought I had it for sure. I apparently knocked it right into his hand.

Rock on!
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