April 04, 2005
For the first time ever, we had 7 on 7 for our first game of the season. It was great!

Despite Joe breaking his wrist mountain biking a couple months ago and Jim breaking his finger TWO friggen days ago, we still had a great turnout. A bunch of the same 'ol faces with one new guy named Nandi, who made a couple of really good plays.

We've had about 20 new signups over the off season, which totals to about 70 active people on the distribution list. So we should have plenty of players throughout this season.

We also had the long awaited return of Vadim, who we haven't seen since he sprained his ankle last season, and Jerry Anderson, who tried to show off with a diving slide catch (but missed) and was the only one to whine about his poor little blisters.

Augie brought out his Port-a-field, which is regulation size (much larger than we're used to playing on). Add on top of that the fact that nobody has worked out in six months, we were completely wiped out after the first point. But it was all good. We still played until dark. And I'm sure I'll be sore all week.
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